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"The manpower you need is at your service"

Count on Cuate's GCS to provide you with excellent products and service, accomplished by motivated, competent and dedicated service mechanics, fabricators and management.

We Build the Tools of the Trade 

Companies in the gas and oil industry need to have all the vital equipment and infrastructure to achieve their business goals. Leveraging new technology and the manpower to do so, we come forward to make this possible.

Our Services

The building of gas and oil company infrastructure involves a sizable amount of technical manpower with a high level of knowledge, vast experience, and uncompromising expertise.

Gas Compressor 


Gas/Oil Field Production Equipment  

Instrumentation and Electrical Services

Powering Gas and Oil Companies

Count on Cuate's GCS to provide you with excellent service driven by our technical workforce. Tell us the equipment, infrastructure, or technical components you need. We are eager to create, and assemble the equipment to power your company.

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